PENDANT NEW YEAR'S LUCKY CHARM oxidized silver 27,00€

Collection: Lucky Charms [GBK022010]

A short sea story.

On the last day of summer I went for a swim…

I was longing to encounter the sea turtle. As I plunged, I saw the silver fish and I followed it. Over the surface of the water, the evening sun was shining.

And then I saw her.

She was swimming right before my eyes in a gracious serenity, an archaic, centenarian creature.

Her tortoiseshell, with the secrets of the whole world written on it. In her mouth she had the mud of which everything on earth was created. And from the bottom of the ocean, from the depths of time,  echoed the first music ever heard on earth when Hermes made his lyre placing chords on her shell.

I swam with her for quite a while. When I came out on the sandy beach I was not feeling sad because summer was ending, but blessed for having met this creature…

Let’s start the New Year with this message that came from the sea and let’s write on the tortoise shell all our secret wishes…



MATERIAL: oxidized silver

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