We are more than pleased to personalize your jewelry, engraving the words and verses of your choice, even adapting our designs to your unique taste.

All pieces are hand engraved by the designer with Margarita’s distinctive handwriting. Letters and size can therefore not be changed.

The exact number of words we can engrave on each piece depends on its size. (A large pendant can take up to 25-30 words whereas rings and small bracelets do not take more than 6 words). We can help you to decide on the length of your text so do not hesitate to contact us.

On our site there’s a list of poems that can be engraved on your preferred jewelry, alternatively you can send us your own choice of words (a poem, a verse from a song, a quote, a wish).

Engraving in any language is possible, provided you send us the exact texts, nonetheless, other alphabets, such as Arabic or Chinese, has an extra charge. Please contact us for details.

All our jewelry is initially written in Greek. 

Transcripts of each piece are obtainable on the site and translations are available for all Greek poems. 

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