In order to enjoy your “Handwritten Jewelry” for long, love them, wear them, let them age beautifully with time!


Bronze Jewelry

Bronze is a metal that oxidizes easily, so we protect them by covering with a thin layer of transparent varnish.
Varnish though won’t last forever especially if jewelry gets in contact with your skin.
Avoid wearing your bronze jewelry while swimming or taking your shower and leaving them in the bathroom where humidity is high.
Avoid spraying perfume directly on them and always keep them protected in their boxes.


Silver Jewelry

Our silver jewelry is made of silver 925 and is not silver-plated. It usually has a matte finish. There is no problem if you love wearing your jewelry all the time.
Silver might tarnish in time; you can clean it using toothpaste and an old toothbrush!


Black patina silver jewelry

Black patina silver jewelry is also covered with protective varnish and should not be worn while bathing or swimming.
Do not hesitate to ask details on care of your jewelry.
Refreshing is possible in our workshop at low or no cost depending on their state.

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