Margarita Meitani (Bio)

Born in Athens 1965, Margarita studied History and Archaeology at the University of Thessaloniki, and Jewelry Making and Design in Athens. She has organized and taught seminars on Jewelry Making for over 10 years and taught History of Jewelry at the “Mokume Jewelry School” for over 20 years. Margarita started her own workshop in Athens in 2005. In 2014 she opened “Margarita Meitani, Handwritten Jewelry” gallery and workshop at 30 Lekka street downtown Athens. Her jewelry is sold in selected shops and galleries all over Greece, Cyprus and abroad.


Our team

Handwritten Jewelry are designed and engraved by Margarita however the whole production and organizing is a result of successful teamwork.
Panagiotis -who has been in the workshop for 10 years- is our fine technician who manufactures, finishes, assembles the pieces and adds a wonderful spirit in our team with his irreplaceable sense of humor. Georgina is in charge of the retail sale, talking to clients and suppliers. With her logistic skills she’s organizing the production, but aboveall, she’s taking care of us with her warmth and light.
Over the years there have been many other creative teammates who have worked in “Handwritten Jewelry”and have all contributed in their way to make the brand what it is today. I thank them all.


Our philosophy

Handwritten Jewelry is made to be loved, to be touched and taken care of, but most of all they are made for you to wear and feel. They have nothing to do with fashion, clothes or seasons. They only have to do with your body and soul and are your own personal amulets.
These are the words I used to describe my first handwritten jewelry collection back in 2006. At the time I called it “Love Jewelry”.
Today, 15 years later, I would not change a single word.

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